I am Master of all before me!


The best part of our walks: the moment we both stop and smell the air, scenting the change before us.

3 things we love about HufflePup

His dedication to his Da is legendary.

When his Da makes a sound, Huffle is at his side five seconds later, checking if he’s ok. When I make a sound, he glares at me for disturbing his beauty sleep. There’s no buying HIS love.

Bartering toys for walks.

If it looks like we might go for a walk, he grabs a stuffy and follows me around so closely that every time I stop, his head with mouth full of duck/pheasant/bone rams me behind the knee. Every. Time.

His sense of personal space

Unless there’s a crisis, as defined by Huffle, he and I are like the two repelling magnet surfaces. This would hurt my feelings if it weren’t so funny, or useful to herd him. I don’t abuse the trick, often, but it’s come in useful a few times.

I woke one morning to hear his Da trying to quietly coax him out of the closet for his walk, without waking me. Apparently he’d committed the cardinal sin of spooking Huffle too early in the morning, which sent Huffle into hiding and he wasn’t coming out for treats, leashes or any other promises he’d never do it again. I crawled out of bed, asked him to come out, and when he refused to make eye contact, went into the closet to sit next to him. The very second my butt hit the ground, Huffle stood up and walked out like he was always happy to come out. Liar.

I love how these puppies play and I’m sure Huffle wishes our neighbor pup played like this too 🙂

Welcoming a new neighbor: Drake the boxer!


Our neighbor has a new puppy! And what you don’t see between the top two and bottom two photos is Drake’s normal mode: frantically leaping at legs, bodyslamming Huffle, and wielding ALL THE PUPPY TEETH.

It’s amazing how much energy just a wee sub-twenty pounder has, and how little patience an old dog like HufflePup has for the poor fella.  Drake’s basically a puppy bomb with teeth which is absolutely adorable to me, but Huffle finally stood up and asserted his older, wiser and therefore Alpha dog rights after being a puppy chew toy for several loooong minutes.

For his part, Drake was utterly unfazed by Huffle’s disinterest and being set down. He thought it was just part of the game. Though, in all fairness, it did look a lot like a version of playing.


Pet friendly hotel review: Beach Bungalow Inn and Suites

TravelDog This is such a family favorite, I’m almost not sure I want to share it! The Beach Bungalow Inn & Suites is a small and cozy place in Morro Bay – most of the places in that area seem to be small but they don’t necessarily exude welcome or coziness.

When you drive in, there’s a nice little loop around that lets you whip around to a convenient parking spot or just pull over to unpack the car before parking without getting in anyone’s way. You have to go up a small flight of stairs, usually, to get into the room that looks like a wee cottage from the outside, but they’re even manageable for ole Huffle.

The first time we stayed there, Huffle loved laying between the two beds, he felt closer and safer to us there, curled up on an old, well loved doggy blanket provided by the Inn, gnawing on his free biscuit. His bedtime walk in the brisk air was warmed by the little outdoor fireplace full of cheery flames. We arrived late the night of check in and the staff both called to check on our arrival time and make sure we knew where to pick up our room keys.

We had a minor mishap with getting charged with someone else’s room bill, so I had to call a while after our stay, but they jumped on sorting that out ASAP. This is great customer service, IMO.

Our second stay was in a bigger and nicer room, Huffle’s posing above it that room, which the staff thought we might like better because of Huffle’s size. It was so thoughtful! We had a ramp to get into the room instead of stairs which was perfect as we were on a longer trip complete with cooler and luggage that stay, and it made hauling everything so much easier on our backs and on Huffle.

Anytime we need to stay in this area, we hope to stay there – though from a quick search of available dates online it looks like their popularity has spread enough that we might have to fight for a stay! 🙂

Beach Bungalow Inn and Suites in Morro Bay
1050 Morro Ave, Morro Bay, CA 93442
(805) 772-9700

Check-in: 3:00 p.m.
Check out: 11:00 a.m.
Pet Fee: $20
Includes a full breakfast at one of 3 restaurants or Giovanni’s Famous Fish and Chips (lunch); free Wifi.

Notes: This was written based on past stays that we paid for, this was not a sponsored post. This is part of the Pet friendly hotels series.


Pet friendly hotels: A Series

HufflePup’s no strangers to road trips, and he loves the car.  If he even suspects we might be heading out in HIS car, he’ll nose-touch every single car in hopes that THIS will be the one.

We were really lucky, he was into car rides from Day 1 (Exhibit A). The day we came to take him home, he leapt right into the open car door without a moment’s hesitation – we just knew we were meant for each other.

Surprisingly,  pet friendly hotels aren’t all that easy to come by (not what I expected in really dog friendly areas like Northern CA or Oregon). We’ve spent HOURS searching and calling hotels, and overwhelmingly hotels don’t take pets at all or those that do accept pets do so grudgingly: the pet fees are exhorbitant more often than not, and/or their weight limits mean Huffle’s not welcome. 🙁

Caveat: Huffle’s an awesome hotel guest. He doesn’t get up on furniture, he doesn’t have accidents, he doesn’t bark or whine or otherwise scare people. He does love being offered treats or being provided a blanket or bed but he doesn’t beg and he’s just as happy sleeping on the floor as on a poufy bed.

Still, we travel enough that we really do have to bring Huffle with us, we’d miss him too much if we didn’t!  While the hunt is arduous and competition fierce for hotels good for both humans and canines/pets, we have been lucky enough to find some favorites that we’d happily visit again of the many places we’ve stayed over the years.

We’ll do some reviews and link them back here, but here’s a quick list of some hotels you might try. This will be an ongoing list!


Pacific Grove (Monterey Bay area): Pacific Gardens Inn [Review]

Morro Bay: Beach Bungalow Inn and Suites [Review] The staff are great and the cottage-like rooms are adorable.

Fresno: Residence Inn Fresno, California extended stay hotel
The area itself in Fresno is nothing to shout about, but the hotel was lovely. Clean, easy access, doggie bags provided.

Fullerton: Fullerton Marriott at California State University
Close to the Uni, this hotel was both easy for Huffle to navigate and they had welcome cookies at the front desk.

Long Beach: Residence Inn Long Beach


Portland, Oregon: Aloft Portland Airport at Cascade Station


You can rely on these chains to welcome you with your furry friend

Residence Inns by Marriott (usually a $100 one-time fee); though Marriott has pet-friendly hotels in their other brands as well. They do have weight and breed restrictions.
DoubleTrees by Hilton (usually a $75 one-time fee).

Kimpton Hotels (no fee! no size, weight or breed restrictions!) These hotels are more posh and high end with equivalent pricing but their staff and policy is fantastically welcoming.