Getting out for a groom and walk



Huffle still hates the actual bathing, but sure doesn’t mind all the adulation and cooing that follows when we’re sunbathing to dry him off!

In a happy turn of events, we had no less than a full dozen adults stop in their tracks to say hello and ask if they could pet him. Usually the adults are the worst offenders when it comes to street meet and greet etiquette.

My Pheasant and Me

Fun Fact: HufflePup used to be all about the Flight response when the doorbell rang. He could not tag you, the human, in to take over the Answering the Door Nonsense fast enough.

In the past few weeks, he’s suddenly decided that standing up and a gruff “WUFF!” is the new appropriate response. He genuinely sounded intimidating!  Which, for a mellow dog like him, is surprising.  I’m happy that he realizes he has a voice and that barking is what dogs do, but not so thrilled with the idea that he might become a barker!


The tug of war between manners and play

It seems like every week HufflePup is learning how to be a dog, just a little more.  And he’s learning it Toddler Style, so it involves a lot less sharing and playing together than you’d expect.

I had the pleasure of tickling a little play growl out of him when making him cuddle (he doesn’t really approve but tolerates hugs); PiC managed to get him to play tug of war with his toys.

My only worry is that he might confuse playtime manners with regular commands time, like when I tell him to drop his toy for a walk. He usually brings a toy over to the leashing lane and hangs onto it until he’s asked to drop it, or until he sits down to have his leash attached.



It’s fun getting him to engage in play, we’ll just have to make it clear when we’re playing and when we’re serious. This isn’t something I’ve ever had to worry about with our other pups, it’s a little weird. 🙂

BatDog! (a work in progress)

We’re still working on the various bits and bobs of the costume, but HufflePup’s Batcape was finished just in time for Halloween.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to celebrate it properly, but there’s always next year. For the record, left to his own devices, Huffle’s pretty happy wearing his cape around the house. It’s just when he’s staring down the barrel of a camera that he’s sheepish.


What’re you lookin’ at?

No comment, dog.

[He walked around like this for HOURS.]