Wordless Wednesday: Big dogs in small spaces


Indoor Camping: Wordless Wednesday


Hessel en Hannes: Best friends

When I read this DogHeirs article, I couldn’t resist, I had to ask for permission to re-share some of the adorableness that is Hessel en Hannes, the bestie Labrador and cat. Bert generously granted permission, so I’m happy to share a few of my favorites from Bert’s collection.

Hessel met his best feline friend when he was one year old, and Hannes was just a kitten; they’ve been exploring life together ever since.

Their friendship is as striking as Bert’s beautiful photography.

Your head, Hannes, it is tasty. Nom.



I’ve got you on the ropes, Hessel! Victory will soon be mine!



No, I haven’t seen Hannes. Why?



1/3 carrot for you, Carrot for me



Shhh! You promised you wouldn’t tell!



And of course you’ll want to go to Bert’s photography site or Hessel & Hannes’s Facebook page for more!

We’re all for interspecies friendships here, but we’re still looking for Huffle’s very special pal; has your pet found his or her best buddy?

Happy sun and ice cream Saturday!

Even though we desperately need rain, I can’t help but revel in the lovely sunny days we’ve been having. Perfect short sleeves and ice cream weather.

Which means it’s a perfect time to watch this video. I don’t know why I didn’t see this coming, I’ve had dogs for ages so I really should have, but if you haven’t seen why Cooper has to wait his turn, well … click play!

Walkin’ in the rain, and links


But Ma, I just HAD a bath!

It’s been raining on and off this week here in the Bay Area, and we’re grateful for every drop, even if Huffle’s pretty sure he didn’t do anything to deserve this.  We tell him this is the season of his doggy ancestors and he ought to be in his element but he just gives me an unimpressed LOOK.

Oh well, we’ll happily splash through any rain Mother Nature sees fit to share because we have got to break this drought!


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