What’s that in your hand there, a jacket?

Lately, Huffle has been more and more nosy about the process of his humans getting dressed, especially when he thinks it’s going to result in a walk.

He comes right to life, shoving his head inside the clothes, and tossing as hard as he can.

And sometimes I’m like a 10 year old with her dog. You know what that means, right?


It was so windy outside today!

It was so windy outside today!


I caught myself a pheasant when I went hunting.

*Note: DogPapa disapproved of this experiment. Which is ironic considering what else he thought was funny.

Huffle was only slightly amused by the novelty… maybe because the jacket didn’t fit all that well.

New Bone


Huffle only spends a total of 10 minutes of his day playing with his stuffy toys, naps about 16 hours a day, and hangs out with us the other 8 hours.  That’s a lot of time to spend essentially bored so, after his bath, we took him shopping for chewy treats.

There were several racks of chew treats so we made it a collaborative shop. I’d pick something out and offer it to him to see if it passed his sniff test. When he carefully reached out to take it from me, we decided that meant: Yes, I want that.

For $20, we bought: one beef rawhide (above), two twisty BeefEaters piggy ropes, and one large Meaty Bone like the meat knuckle he got one Christmas that he positively loved.

The rawhide came out this week but despite having given the definite YES in the store, he shunned it for hours. Then he sat on it like he was hatching baby rawhides.

Strange puppy.

*Note: he’s never left alone to gnaw on these since we want to be sure he’s safe.  And he drinks a LOT of water after a good long chew.

Toys and Toddlers


Today is pheasant day! Pheasant for walkins.

Huffle has never been allowed to take his toys on a walk, and yet without fail, when we’re getting ready to go, he grabs the Favorite of the Day.

It’s been the pheasant, lately, and two out of three times, he’ll lay it on my feet so that he can get leashed up. As if I can’t leave without him or the pheasant that way.

On the way out, he’ll try to dart over and grab it up again. /innocent face.