Coordination: we got it

We’re working on having HufflePup wait with me at the door when we head out for a walk. His normal modus operandi is to start prancing like a stallion as soon as we walk out the front door, leaving me with one arm to shut and lock the door while he darts and plunges excitedly.

This excitement may be cute to watch, but not so much when he catches me off guard and I trip over him. So now we’re practicing a new thing: he’s asked to sit next to me while I shut and lock the door. If he does this, he gets a Buddy Biscuit. If he doesn’t, well I ask him to sit again. He doesn’t get to go running down the hall until after I turn to him and say “Ready? Go!”

Now he’s got it in his head he needs to hold my foot down in case I leave without him.

Letting sleeping dogs lie: Can you do it?

I find a sleeping HufflePup absolutely irresistible. You wouldn’t think such a simple thing was so compelling, but whenever he’s fallen asleep, I find myself stopping and watching him breathe, and perchance, dream.

He’s the most verbal when he’s deep asleep, growling or rumbling at his dreams, and most active too: his paws wiggle, waggle and strike out as he “runs”, his entire body shakes as he dream-leaps and dream-hunts. His nose and lips twitch, dancing as they sniff out phantom prey.

He has all these phases of presleep depending on how tired he is. He might just nap out of boredom, waiting for the next walk or play, or just like a kid, fake sleeps when he knows he’s being watched. Except he’s really obvious about it: he closes his eyes slowly, waits about ten seconds, then cracks an eye to see if I’m still there. Then averts his gaze and closes it again. Rinse, repeat.

Or the sheer exhaustion of travel or being played with will overtake him and you’ll see his entire body suddenly relax as he flops over on his side. Stick a fork in him, he’s done.


When he first starting sleeping next to our bed and the dreams started, I thought he was having a nightmare and gently petted him to shake him out of it. The LOOK he gave me! Bleary and resentful, it seemed to say: I almost had it! Profuse apologies didn’t soothe his rumpled fur, and I’ve never interrupted his dreams again. 🙂

We have this love-hate scenario: I love to watch him and sneak up for pets and cuddles when he wakes up; he hates it. But he knows that I’ll wait ’til he wakes up before bothering him, so when he hears me coming, he very carefully stares straight ahead, not making eye contact. You know it’s all a front because the second his belly gets scratched, out comes the dramatic streeeeettchhh and hufffff.

I swear this Pup is as standoffish as a cat when he wants to be!

What went thump in the night?

Have you seen a dog wear HorrorFace before? Because Huffle here does a really good one.

There are things he Does Not Approve Of and he makes it very clear when that happens.


Curious dog, surfaces like dolphin



We have rules around here! He’s only allowed to sniff up to level with the surface of the table and no higher, but the opportunity to catch HufflePup in the act of sneaking a sniff of the dinner table was priceless.

He typically emerges from the depths of Under the Table for a moment, attempting to roll his eyes and nose enough to catch the scent before disappearing back underneath. He knows he’ll catch a little admonitory nose bop if he cruises too far.

Who can resist that mug??

Please, may I have another treat?



We’re incredibly lucky that HufflePup has mostly always been a gentledog when it comes to taking treats out of hands. It made more sense when he finally let us take a look at his teeth: he doesn’t really have many! Poor pup.

Nevertheless, he’s quite polite even when he’s being pushy. He’ll bump the back of my hand with his nose if he suspects I might have something in there, or licks my closed fist trying to open it. Unlike his predecessors who would pry my hands open with tooth and claw, he takes the Way of the Water: gentle and persistent licking to eventually wear down resistance.