Phrases that are totally commands (unconventionally speaking)

HufflePup licks his paws.
“Stop licking.”
Knock it off.”
Lick. *glance*

Jodi and I love our pups, deeply, but found ourselves rationalizing some of our more … creative, shall we say? commands.  Where regular commands aren’t so effective, variety .  I’m pretty sure we’re not alone here.

Knock it off! = Stop Licking
NOSE!! = Get your nose down from the table there!
That’s MY kibble. = I mean, that’s my cereal and you can’t have it.
DUDE = For the sixth time, sit.

From @kolsnotes

Chillax, Man = go lay down
Cool It = Quit jumping
Get Bent = Quit leering at my plate I know you’ve been fed.
STEP OFF = when Kol is torturing his brother.

From @introvertedwife

Lay down = You are annoying the crap out of me.
Upstairs = Do you want to wear a sweater?
Peanut Butter Bone? = drool

3 things we love about HufflePup

His dedication to his Da is legendary.

When his Da makes a sound, Huffle is at his side five seconds later, checking if he’s ok. When I make a sound, he glares at me for disturbing his beauty sleep. There’s no buying HIS love.

Bartering toys for walks.

If it looks like we might go for a walk, he grabs a stuffy and follows me around so closely that every time I stop, his head with mouth full of duck/pheasant/bone rams me behind the knee. Every. Time.

His sense of personal space

Unless there’s a crisis, as defined by Huffle, he and I are like the two repelling magnet surfaces. This would hurt my feelings if it weren’t so funny, or useful to herd him. I don’t abuse the trick, often, but it’s come in useful a few times.

I woke one morning to hear his Da trying to quietly coax him out of the closet for his walk, without waking me. Apparently he’d committed the cardinal sin of spooking Huffle too early in the morning, which sent Huffle into hiding and he wasn’t coming out for treats, leashes or any other promises he’d never do it again. I crawled out of bed, asked him to come out, and when he refused to make eye contact, went into the closet to sit next to him. The very second my butt hit the ground, Huffle stood up and walked out like he was always happy to come out. Liar.

I love how these puppies play and I’m sure Huffle wishes our neighbor pup played like this too 🙂

Dogs + Rules = what happened?

Kathleen’s post on the rules they’ve set and broken for Shiva is hilarious.  I tried to comment but the comment form hates me so I’m sharing here.

What rules have we set and broken?

We’ve mostly been pretty good about this because when you give Huffle an inch, he runs around the block, up the stairs and into his crate with it.

1. No begging.

Huffle’s only allowed to sniff up near the surface of the table but he’s not allowed to touch anything ON a table (or most surfaces really, since I’ll set my glass down on anything). As a result, I’ve actually left a turkey leg on the coffee table well within his reach, and he didn’t even look at it. But that’s not to say we don’t bend the rules for the sake of cuteness.

2. No dogs on the furniture.

This is a serious no-no. But it’s a whole other story when a) someone makes too much noise in which case he heads straight for the corner of the sofa (more cushions = better), or b) he’s at his ‘sitter’s. He’s an even more pampered pup there, he gets to sleep in their bed!

3. No people food.

I know the perils of dogs and people food: first it’s a game, then it’s “just sharing”, then suddenly you’re cooking for your dog every night, before your dinner’s started, serving it no later than 6 pm lest the wee dog break your doors in his fury.

Someone made the mistake of letting him having some cereal several months ago. He decided cereal was just kibble in a box and should be shared with him. Try pulling out a box of cereal when he’s awake, he’ll come runnin!

But HE has rules! (so listen up)


1. Medications: don’t hold out!

Huffle’s learned to like treats since moving in with us, but there’s nothing, and I mean nothing, that gets his hips moving like the rattle of a jar of pills. It took weeks to train him out of coming running for my meds.

2. Greenies are for after 6 pm.

Hand him his Greenie any time before 6 pm, and he’ll either drop it on your foot or leave it on his blanket for storage until it’s time. (What is it with my dogs and 6 pm?)

3. 1 stuffy = 1 walk.

If he offers you a toy, it means he’s paying you for a walk. Pick up that leash and get on with it!

I know we’re not the only ones who are mostly wrapped around their dog’s (or other furry friend!) paws!

Pup-themed party!

Our really cute neighbor kid met HufflePup this weekend. She was having a dog-themed party with all the trimmings: dog face paint, dog ear crowns, dog treats. Or nearly all, they were just missing a good dog!

Huffle was pretty pleased with all the kids coming up to say hello and pet him, even if he was startled by the shriek of excitement that propelled a treat to land at his feet.

He was a hit with the moms too, they were all impressed with his looks and his calmness around the hollering kids. Little do they know, that’s the way he is ALL THE TIME. 🙂

With the hordes of wee kids around here, we’re really lucky that he likes them so well. Or as well as he likes anything, anyway. I suspect he likes the way they smell and the way they’re short.

Seeking comfort in the company of friends


Huffle’s been unusually antisocial this week, refusing to come out of “his” room until nearly 2 pm, often sleeping in his crate instead of laying on the rugs as usual.

Occasionally he’ll come out and sniff and huff at me, making some point that I’m still failing to understand. Apparently I’m not nearly the kind of company his stuffies can provide, except when he comes out to (attempt to) extort a treat.