Check your Chip day!

We’re back from a self-imposed hiatus just in time for Check your Chip Day, with THUMPER!


You’ve actually met this lovely fellow before, but he’s now been rechristened Thumper in honor of his most expressive tail wag. Once a wag starts going, his entire body wags with him. It’s pretty much the cutest thing, except for his habit of rolling on his back and hanging out upside down, or that great gaping grin of happiness.

There’s a lot that’s cute about him, to be honest.

We’ve been rather quiet around these parts as we’ve been very busy adding Thumper to our household. (More on that to come!)

I wanted to, thanks to a reminder from Lulu and Christie over at Life with Beagle during the #BlogPawsChat, chat about microchips on this here Check your Chip Day. A microchip was always on my list of things we had to do for Thumper, no question about it, but I hadn’t really talked about why.

Just a small list of things that I worry about when it comes to the dogs and their getting lost:

  • We live in the Bay Area. If we ever had an earthquake, and we weren’t with them, there’s a chance they’d have to escape the house on their own. From there, how would we find them again?
  • If there was a fire and firefighters rescued them, they could end up at a shelter. How would the shelter know they were our beloved pets?
  • If there was any kind of catastrophic incident where they had to be evacuated and were separated from how, how would we be reunited?
  • If a car backfired, and they ran off in fear, I’d hope a kind person would help them. If they did, how would they know who to call?

Microchipping, of course! It was SOP that any time an animal was brought in, lost or injured, to the animal shelter and the veterinary office that I worked at, the first thing you did if they weren’t traumatically injured was scan them for a chip. We were able to reunite many a worried owner with their beloved pet that way.

We could have done a microchip at a number of places: the vet when we went in for a check up; the shelter during their microship specials; some cities will hold microchipping days.

Given that Thumper was a bit of an unexpected, and unbudgeted, surprise, cost was a major concern. What I was happy to discover after leaving a Pet Food Express one day, was that they and Pet Clubs host Community Veterinary Clinics where some of these routine services are discounted.

I’ll talk about the vaccines at another time, but the microchips were so reasonably priced at $10/chip.

The clinics in this area are run by VIP PetCare, the visit was quick and easy but the clinic folks made sure to ask about any relevant medical history before we committed to anything, AND they register the chip to your name and address for you. I couldn’t have asked for an easier experience. Of course, I did have to guilt-buy a toy for Thumper afterward because I’d forgotten about how big that needle was. ūüėČ

More information on the variety of chips out there by Ask Dr. Ann.

Bottom Line: No matter where you have it done, please make sure to chip your pets!
And have your vet scan them at their regular exams whether that’s once a year or very two years to make sure it hasn’t moved too much.

Welcoming a new neighbor: Drake the boxer!


Our neighbor has a new puppy! And what you don’t see between the top two and bottom two photos is Drake’s normal mode: frantically leaping at legs, bodyslamming Huffle, and wielding ALL THE PUPPY TEETH.

It’s amazing how much energy just a wee sub-twenty pounder has, and how little patience an old dog like HufflePup has for the poor fella.¬† Drake’s basically a puppy bomb with teeth which is absolutely adorable to me, but Huffle finally stood up and asserted his older, wiser and therefore Alpha dog rights after being a puppy chew toy for several loooong minutes.

For his part, Drake was utterly unfazed by Huffle’s disinterest and being set down. He thought it was just part of the game. Though, in all fairness, it did look a lot like a version of playing.


When Huffle takes a staycation….

…he’s in good company!

Tippy is his absolute favorite critter he doesn’t recognize – the excitement of seeing her propels him to take several laps around the yard. Even if mostly Tippy ignores him until she decides to bite his tail. That’s just how it goes, sometimes.


Related Fun: Huffle doesn’t have the sense to be this scared of our neighbor cat but he’s sure curious about that whole back-arching, tail fluffed, hissing thing.