I am Master of all before me!


The best part of our walks: the moment we both stop and smell the air, scenting the change before us.

Pup-themed party!

Our really cute neighbor kid met HufflePup this weekend. She was having a dog-themed party with all the trimmings: dog face paint, dog ear crowns, dog treats. Or nearly all, they were just missing a good dog!

Huffle was pretty pleased with all the kids coming up to say hello and pet him, even if he was startled by the shriek of excitement that propelled a treat to land at his feet.

He was a hit with the moms too, they were all impressed with his looks and his calmness around the hollering kids. Little do they know, that’s the way he is ALL THE TIME. 🙂

With the hordes of wee kids around here, we’re really lucky that he likes them so well. Or as well as he likes anything, anyway. I suspect he likes the way they smell and the way they’re short.

Discovery at the Cat Kingdom


We like to visit a local boutique pet shop once in a while: browse the stacks of pet toys, treats and I get my kitty fix.

Unlike our neighbor’s cat who occasionally pokes out for a wander and flees at the first sight of people she doesn’t know and doesn’t WANT to get to know, this gorgeous calico blends into the furniture quite literally and if you find her, she’s quite gracious about accepting your petting and scratching.

The fun part, though, is betting on whether HufflePup will actually see her this time. He’s been to the shop a dozen times and has not once, even with my cooing over her, not once has he actually seen her.

This trip, he actually seemed to notice there was a critter nearby, and started sniffing in her direction.


Regal, as always, she lay secure in the knowledge that if he bothered her, he’d learn very quickly who the boss is. After all, just last week, she chased a rude Dobermann Pinscher out of the shop! The owner chuckled a little at her audacity, but definitely regretted losing the customer.

Curious dog, surfaces like dolphin



We have rules around here! He’s only allowed to sniff up to level with the surface of the table and no higher, but the opportunity to catch HufflePup in the act of sneaking a sniff of the dinner table was priceless.

He typically emerges from the depths of Under the Table for a moment, attempting to roll his eyes and nose enough to catch the scent before disappearing back underneath. He knows he’ll catch a little admonitory nose bop if he cruises too far.

Who can resist that mug??

Drinks on the beach and dog-petting etiquette


The root beer was mine. HufflePup settled for good cold water, toted around by yours truly to keep him hydrated in the hot Southern California sun.

We went out for a bit of a walk-and-sit on the beach while he was recuperating from being sick. The sun and socializing seemed to do him a lot of good, though he might have gotten an overdose of the socializing. He was surrounded by people almost all the time, with 6 people in a circle petting and loving on him at any given time.

The weird thing was, with the exception of one very young, escaped-the-asylum, toddler, all the kids were very good about asking if they could pet him. Toddler escapee ran past him on his way away from his guardian, stopped, came back and kissed him, then took off again.

By contrast, the adults – who I might have thought would know better – generally just joined the petting circle or accosted him wherever we were walking or sitting. He’s very unreactive so that didn’t bother him at all, but it bothered me a little bit that a complete stranger who didn’t even make eye contact with me at the other end of his leash would lunge for his head or face expecting him to be happy about the surprise visitor.

These are the clueless folks I would imagine going for a dog who was minding his own business on the sidewalk with his people, scaring the dog barkless and perhaps scaring him into biting, and then being shocked that they were bitten or that the dog pulled away.  SMH, honestly. Asking is not that difficult.