In training: What does “sit” mean to you?

3-19-14 SittingI know you’re not supposed to give a command more than one meaning, and we try our darndest not to, but sometimes it’s hard.

When I say sit, I mean:

Sit your butt, on the ground, right where you are.
Also, put down your toy.
Also, stay facing me.
No, don’t hover two inches above the ground.
Wait, don’t sit for half a second and leave!
Don’t sit, change your mind, get up and walk over to me, then sit 5 feet away!
No, don’t stand on my foot, then sit.
No, wait, come BACK!


What Huffle hears:
I have a treat that you want. And if I take too long to give it to you, nose my hand really hard. Or dance. We like it when you dance. (Actually, we do, it’s really cute. But that’s not the point!)
Put your toy on my foot, then sit.
Hold your toy against my leg until I take the hint and the toy, then sit.
Feel free to headbutt my knee first.

Does your dog actually know what sit means? Are we the only hapless souls struggling with this most basic command?


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