3 things we love about HufflePup

His dedication to his Da is legendary.

When his Da makes a sound, Huffle is at his side five seconds later, checking if he’s ok. When I make a sound, he glares at me for disturbing his beauty sleep. There’s no buying HIS love.

Bartering toys for walks.

If it looks like we might go for a walk, he grabs a stuffy and follows me around so closely that every time I stop, his head with mouth full of duck/pheasant/bone rams me behind the knee. Every. Time.

His sense of personal space

Unless there’s a crisis, as defined by Huffle, he and I are like the two repelling magnet surfaces. This would hurt my feelings if it weren’t so funny, or useful to herd him. I don’t abuse the trick, often, but it’s come in useful a few times.

I woke one morning to hear his Da trying to quietly coax him out of the closet for his walk, without waking me. Apparently he’d committed the cardinal sin of spooking Huffle too early in the morning, which sent Huffle into hiding and he wasn’t coming out for treats, leashes or any other promises he’d never do it again. I crawled out of bed, asked him to come out, and when he refused to make eye contact, went into the closet to sit next to him. The very second my butt hit the ground, Huffle stood up and walked out like he was always happy to come out. Liar.

I love how these puppies play and I’m sure Huffle wishes our neighbor pup played like this too 🙂

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