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You might not believe it to look at him but Hufflepup’s occasionally got scaredy-dog sort of tendencies. There are specific things that, where other dogs would have their hackles up, he has his safe place. Where other dogs have Fight OR Flight, he’s mostly had Flight and Faster Flight.

When he first came home with us, we thought that he’d like a crate but his foster mom said that he’d only ever gone into the crate to eat; apparently he was submissive to the other foster dogs and didn’t care enough about his food to protect it, so she fed him in a crate.

So instead of jumping to conclusions, we gave him the run of the place to see where he’d be most comfortable and where we could squeeze in a crate. He very quickly claimed the closet as his DogCave, sleeping there during the day while we were away at work, dashing in there when he heard strange noises or if someone was evil enough to ring the doorbell.

Over the last several months, he’s graduated to an intermediate safety: me.

Now, remember, Huffle’s a daddy’s boy. He’s ALL about daddy. But when it comes to things being scary? He comes to me and leans for all he’s worth, til I go investigate the wrongness. If he’s really uncertain, he pins me to the spot to make sure I’ll keep comforting him.

He’s learned a lot more confidence this year, but Mama’s feet are still the second safety zone.

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