Curious dog, surfaces like dolphin



We have rules around here! He’s only allowed to sniff up to level with the surface of the table and no higher, but the opportunity to catch HufflePup in the act of sneaking a sniff of the dinner table was priceless.

He typically emerges from the depths of Under the Table for a moment, attempting to roll his eyes and nose enough to catch the scent before disappearing back underneath. He knows he’ll catch a little admonitory nose bop if he cruises too far.

Who can resist that mug??

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  1. […] HufflePup is NOSY. And Vicki is going to bring home another corgi pup!  PiC just discovered how absolutely adorable […]

  2. […] Huffle’s only allowed to sniff up near the surface of the table but he’s not allowed to touch anything ON a table (or most surfaces really, since I’ll set my glass down on anything). As a result, I’ve actually left a turkey leg on the coffee table well within his reach, and he didn’t even look at it. But that’s not to say we don’t bend the rules for the sake of cuteness. […]

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