Rolling Over: A first!

I’ve always sort of envied those dog-parents whose pups rolled over for a belly rub at the slightest hint of attention. Most of our dogs used to and our neighbor dogs will present bellies, but Huffle has always been adamantly opposed to doing any more than flopping on his side. He’s like a lump of concrete if you want to gently push or roll him over: nothing doin’!

Our first roll over was a shocker: we never saw it coming and he stayed in Crazy Eyes Vulnerable position for the longest time. I think he was just sliding off the bed and too tired to right himself.


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  1. I love it when our dogs do this; the littermates have always done this, but we adopted Blue when he was 4 months (the littermates were 8 weeks) and he had some trust issues, but he warmed up to us really quickly and we knew that he felt safe when he presented his belly 🙂

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