Oh for duck’s sake …

As if in apology for using Duck as his barter currency (1 duck, for 1 afternoon walk) all last week, Huffle’s been carrying Duck around at night and refusing to relinquish it for playing catch. Well, for anything at all. There’s just no reasoning with him.


Us: Huffle, dinner!
Huffle: Oh food!! Here, Duck, you sit right here.


Us: Huffle, maybe you want to put Duck down … on the ground?
Huffle: *splashing in water bowl* You’re ok Duck, I’m right here.


Huffle: Um.. Duck. Duck? Duck, I’m hungry.
Us: Yeah, what are you gonna do now?

…. no seriously, aren’t you going to move Duck?

In fact, no. Huffle only ate the food that was still visible with Duck in the bowl. I finally took pity on him when he’d burrow-eaten his way to a shiny bowl bottom, without dislodging Duck, and was looking forlornly around as if to say, What do I do now?

My HufflePup. Not TOTALLY possessed of problem-solving instincts.

3 Responses to “Oh for duck’s sake …”

  1. Huffle’s attachment to his toys is adorable! Pod really doesn’t care about toys, and he cares a LOT about his food, so I can’t imagine he’d ever try to combine the two 🙂

    • DogMama says:

      That’s funny – Huffle didn’t care about food OR toys, though he likes a meal every day (or two …). He only learned to love his toys after being with us more than a year. Maybe it was foster kid mentality: don’t get attached to things?

  2. GizmoGeodog says:

    Oh gosh that is so cute…I’ve never seen a dog do that

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