Huffle Approved: Bed Time

Please just turn off the lights.

I’m giving you the eyebrow. That means: stop taking pictures and turn off the lights.

HufflePup looks so cozy in his crate when he’s settled, but like a mattress that’s been used to store odds, ends and a bit of money for a rainy day, the stuffing is lumpy in spots and squashed to nearly nothing in others.

This is the Kong bed we bought him about two years ago: guaranteed to be indestructible, they said. It may be true for those dogs that eat their beds (and I wouldn’t bet money on that either, I had one dog with a positive genius for making holes in beds) but our problem is different. Its fill can’t stand up to 80+ pounds, 8 hours a day+ 6 hours a night, day after day so it’s time to think replacement.  Sadly, the Kong’s innards are removable but unlike the Shrimpy brand, they don’t sell just the component parts.

We already did this once months ago when we found the Big Shrimpy. It’s so poufy he’d walk a few laps around it before settling down where he wouldn’t roll off.  It was about half as long as a queen sized bed’s width; finally big enough for him to stretch out!  Then it had to become his travel bed because he was riding in the car to the vet’s so much. It’s too big to constantly haul in and out of the car.

Now that Big Shrimpy’s taken permanent residence in the car and his Kong is the saddest thing ever.  A dog that sleeps at least as much as a cat should have a decent place to rest his head. Should we MacGyver his Kong with a bunch of old pillows which means new pillows for us, or buy him a second Big Shrimpy?

I know he likes people pillows. He’s not allowed on the bed but when he does have pillows handy, he’s been known to snuggle on or under them even.

The Big Shrimpy business model is good, as are their initiatives to be green, though OMG the beds are expensive (they start at $100!), and I like supporting businesses with good ethics. On the other hand, three beds for one dog? Doesn’t that seem excessive?

What to do, what to do…

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  1. When my friend needed a new bed for her dog, she bought a crib mattress for pretty cheap someplace and covered it with some of that eggcrate foam and a fitted sheet over it. Might work? (Rita has 2 beds too!)

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