Meet my little friend


Our friends, and Huffle’s favorite people bar us, invited us over to introduce Huffle to their new residents: the mohawked guinea pigs!

One was his mini-twinny and they especially wanted him to make friends. After several long minutes Oblivious Huffle loomed over his new furry friend, confused about all the human cooing and fingerpointing.

He sniffed the pointing fingers, inquisitively, unlike the usual total lack of interest whenever a stranger offers his hand pre-petting.


He finally realized that there was someone at his feet, after Little Mohawk had chomped down his parsley and came over to say hello.

A few light sniffs and he sat stock still; his eyes asked “So… what now?”

Little Mohawk was far more interested and ran for Huffle’s haunches. Uncharacteristically, Huffle seemed to get a smidge nervous over this and carefully stood up, glancing at us with a quirked eyebrow as if to say, “Where is he going? What does he want?”

Perhaps if Mohawk had proceeded more slowly, we could have witnessed Pup + Pig cuddles.

As it was, by the time Huffle made up his mind to lie down next to Mohawk, the better to protect his underside and get closer to this quaint individual, Mohawk had lost interest and just hovered nearby.

Introduction: mild success.

I think the next step would be to find a tolerant kitty who’ll hang out with him, without plotting his demise.

3 Responses to “Meet my little friend”

  1. That is really interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever had a dog, with the exception of one extremely mellow German shepherd, that wouldn’t have regarded Mohawk as a snack on the hoof.

    All the other Ger-shep, retriever, greyhound, Chihuahua, dobie, beagle, schnauzer, & corgi residents of the Funny Farm would have made short work of that little guy!

    Lordie! but i’ve had a lot of dawgs in my life! :-/

    • DogMama says:

      I agree – NONE of my previous pups would have disregarded Mohawk quite so thoroughly. Maybe BrainyPup would, once instructed.

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