Huffle’s Rule: We do not abuse our toys


As Thumper figures out indoor life, he got a bit of a crash course in how to be an indoor dog in THIS house from Huffle.

Normal dogs would be surprised to hear this but squeaky toys are not intended to be hurt, chewed, or torn apart.


Pouncing? Fine.
Tossing around? Fine.
Catching? Ok.
Squeaking repeatedly? No.
Chewing off bits? NO.
Pulling off tails? OH MY GOD, GIVE ME THAT TOY.


Huffle didn’t take away the toy immediately but he did hover until Thumper put it down, then nabbed it to heal it through the power of love and grooming. We couldn’t help but laugh at them both. When Huffle’s back was turned, we repatriated the hedgehog and returned it to Thumper who obviously felt the shame that he was meant to.

He kept this up for days. Every toy that Thumper squeaked was taken away and lovingly place in his crate for R&R.

To his credit, Thumper respected Huffle’s rule so long as he was around and never ever took Huffle’s toys to destroy even after he was gone. This is a bit of a conundrum – we can’t get rid of them and Thumper knows better than to actually play with them.

RIP, Huffle. Your toy friends are still safe.

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