Phrases that are totally commands (unconventionally speaking)

HufflePup licks his paws.
“Stop licking.”
Knock it off.”
Lick. *glance*

Jodi and I love our pups, deeply, but found ourselves rationalizing some of our more … creative, shall we say? commands.  Where regular commands aren’t so effective, variety .  I’m pretty sure we’re not alone here.

Knock it off! = Stop Licking
NOSE!! = Get your nose down from the table there!
That’s MY kibble. = I mean, that’s my cereal and you can’t have it.
DUDE = For the sixth time, sit.

From @kolsnotes

Chillax, Man = go lay down
Cool It = Quit jumping
Get Bent = Quit leering at my plate I know you’ve been fed.
STEP OFF = when Kol is torturing his brother.

From @introvertedwife

Lay down = You are annoying the crap out of me.
Upstairs = Do you want to wear a sweater?
Peanut Butter Bone? = drool

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  1. Ann Staub says:

    Lol… ah sounds familiar… the licking thing is ALL too familiar actually!
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